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After the last episode of GOT season 8, everybody is going mad about how the Night King finally met his death. Everybody was expecting Jon to have the honor of killing the Night King ( Even Kit Harrington himself) but then it’s Arya, who many people say came out of nowhere, killed him and ended the long night.

Now, I loved her character from season 1. A goofy little girl who was not skilled with needles so she named her sword so. Always been a rebellious tomboy who wouldn’t hesitate to show her curiosity about things she must not be interested in.

Here are the 10 reasons that definitely makes her a role-model.

1. A dedicated learner

Whether it be the time she hits bull’s eye before Bran or when she tells Sansa to “stick them with the pointy end” just like how Jon taught her as her first lesson, she learned so many things throughout the series and used it well when it was needed.

2) Speaks fearlessly

Since season 1 we have seen her revolting against what’s wrong no matter whether it’s against the prince or the king. She wouldn’t think twice before saying something she wants to say.

3) Truly values her friends and kins

We know how so many people ended up being on her list. Nobody messes with her friends or family, not if they are ready to welcome death. In order to protect the butcher boy, she made Joffery beg for his life.

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4) Smartest Stark alive

Working right under the nose of Tywin Lannister, saving Gendry from getting killed and do I really need to justify her wit after what we have seen in the last episode?

5) Values her identity

Correcting her “dancing” master when he calls her a boy or finally accepting that she is “Arya Stark of Winterfell” and not just no one, no matter what she does, she values who she is and knows how to embrace it.

6) Decisive mind

Unlike most of the dead people who kept planning and plotting, she would do what she wants to do without thinking too much about it and wasting time.

7) Determined to finish people off her list

Now, we have seen people making alliances with foes, getting betrayed by their own, but she doesn’t care about anything. She is only moving towards her goal of killing the people on her list.

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8) One-woman-army

From season 1 to 8, she survived on her own. Traveled distances, met people, faced death; she doesn’t need company. She would fight alone if she has to.

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9) Follows minimalism

She lived among the poorest of the poor, wore shabby clothes for weeks, ate whatever she could find. She needs no gold or palace but one thing that’s really close to her heart – her needle.

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10)  A strong woman indeed.

She would fight back than grieve in a corner for the dead. She would question than just accepting what’s been told to her. She would look in the eye of the God of death and tell it, “NOT TODAY!!!!”

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