Climate Change

Yes, we are! I am sure if you are an active Instagram user (like I have been from the past couple of days :P) you must have seen some posts like this :

If you haven’t seen these videos before, you are living under a rock dear and it’s time you pay attention to it because we are going to die soon otherwise, sooner than we would have.

According to,

The current level of CO2 in the atmosphere is 411 ppm and seems likely to increase with all the active participation of humans in saving our mother Earth ( hope you get the sarcasm as I am assuming my readers are not dumb :P).

When I went to Goa ( you can check the blog here ), I did enjoy but one thing that disappointed me a lot was seeing trash floating on the surface of the water let alone the beaches. There were liquor bottles, plastic bags, food wrappers, etc. I had recently watched Aquaman and it completely made sense to me. What if all the trash people put in the water thinking there is already so much, how would adding one more do any harm, will become a reason for human destruction?

Atlantians may not be real but this problem is! The main reason for the increasing temperature in the atmosphere is the trapped greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide. This is why we need more trees, better garbage disposal, less use of plastics and most importantly the awareness to save our home so that what is supposed to protect us won’t become the cause of our death. I don’t know if I am stressing on it enough, but we are dying!

No, I am not here to teach you Environmental Science, but to tell you how no one else will be responsible for your destruction but you.

Forget theoretical answers, let’s see where we are going wrong and what we can do about it:

1. Not planting enough trees.

I am not asking you here to go in a rally or protest against deforestation, but how many trees do you as a person grow in a year? Forget growing, how often do you water your plants without your parents asking you to do so? Most of us aren’t contributing enough and it is time you ask yourself why.

2) Littering literally everywhere

You were hungry so you bought a packet of chips, you ate it and then because you are on a vehicle and there is no dustbin nearby so you threw it on the road. Sounds familiar? I don’t know what do people think maybe that it will disappear by tomorrow on its own. Would that make you feel more proud that your life is dependent on those garbage collectors who pick your trash for you to eventually put it in the dustbin?

Maybe then you will start giving them the respect they deserve.

Source : @Arrive Alive

3) Buying plastics

It is difficult to suddenly cut off everything made of plastic, I know it is. I have tried and failed miserably. We are so used to it that sometimes we won’t even notice. For eg., It is burning hot and you forgot to carry a water bottle so you buy mineral water packed in a plastic bottle. You didn’t have a better choice.

But the least we can do is saying no to plastic bags by carrying a cotton or jute bag every time you go out for shopping. I am sure you have enough plastic bags in your home already, start carrying them instead of buying more. Even that would make a difference.

It may not seem so because you are not the one destroying it, but plastic decomposition is a serious problem. It is easy to float a paper boat in the rain until the water floods your house.

Source : @holden bags

4) Not understanding minimalism

Growth of the market is directly proportional to the growth in consumers. Stop buying items that you are not in need of. You don’t have to buy that phone just because it has all those latest features unless you can’t use the one you have anymore. The only thing constant about trends is that it is not constant. Buy the things you need. Desires are never fulfilled they just grow more.

You can read about the effects of E-waste on our environment here.

5) “Pooling is time-consuming and public transports are too crowded.”

Been there, said that. I know it seems easier to ride a bike than walking for 30 minutes but trust me, you waste more time than this. Sometimes, you don’t need a weekend trip or lavish lunch, a walk outdoors can be refreshing too. Look around your house and how things have changed in years and all of this that I have written here will make sense to you.

You will see dry plants, you will see litter on the road, cows eating from polybags, people spending money lavishly, and of course, only a few people either riding a bicycle or walking on the road because everybody has their own vehicle today.
I would like to share this: I have saved quite a lot of money by just taking a walk instead of a rickshaw or by not buying things that I don’t need right now. It motivates me to keep doing more such things. Maybe you can save some money for something special too. 🙂

Seriously, don’t you miss those childhood days when there were fewer buildings and more trees?

Again, we have already wasted a lot on the things we want, now we need to save our nature first or our future generation will not get to choose (got the GOT reference?) for themselves. They will not believe koalas or tigers were real just like the national animal of Scotland ( yes, please Google).

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