Almost a year back, I get a follow request from @imperfect_films on Instagram. I didn’t really know the people handling that account back then. Interestingly, they had made a few short stories and I am very fond of them like you can literally find a lot of them in my recommendations on youtube, so I decided to watch the recent one – “Reveries”.

They got me hooked on their work so I decided to watch more. After watching, I instinctively texted them my feedback about each one of them, in DETAIL! 

Little did I know that one of the guys who made it is from my college because I get it that Engineers are multi-talented but like really? Not just any Youtube video, it’s film-making! I am not sure about you but he is the first person I met who is passionate about film-making. I had so many questions in mind and since they recently released their first web-series – The Journey Into Night, I decided to interview the team of JIN.

Watch the awesome trailer here

They started shooting for JIN in early December and transitioning from making 20 minutes film to a web-series of almost 2 hours was definitely challenging. You not only have to be dedicated but also have to make sure your cast and other crew members work along; especially when its a zero-budget project i.e., money can not lure you to get you out of your bed and rehearse for hours to shoot a 10-15 minutes scene when you already have a hectic life. 

I was required to have long hair for this character, so I would have to go to my office with that look every day and some days I wouldn’t even sleep as you can’t ask your boss to grant you leave because you had late-night shoots.” – Aman Sawney

Aman as Yuyutsu in JIN


Possible challenges when it comes to acting


According to Shubham, focus and patience are the two most required traits in an actor and he/she should be able to live the character like their own life to do justice with the role.

“He can be twice my age if the director has picked that role for me and I will have to stick to that character for hours. It took me almost 1-1.5 months to bring the best out of Aatman. I was unaware of being camera conscious at the beginning until Indresh told me so. – Shubham Chaudhary

Shubham as ACP Aatman(right) and Dharmendra Kumar as Karan

One of the reasons why it has worked out so well is because of their team-work. While I was on set, I liked how they took everybody’s reviews for a particular scene considering all the aspects of it. They also support each other so they perform their best.

We have the liberty to do improv here unlike big-budget films – Shubham


Insides of JIN


See what actors have to say about the Journey Into Night

JIN team constitutes of 15 members, including 6-8 actors, assistant directors, production manager, directors, music composers, and costume designer. They posted about auditions on social media and there were almost 10 female actors who auditioned for one of the main characters MEERA. 

Dhruv shared an incident when they were shooting in a Cemetery and also had to do some scenes with the set-up of black magic in a farmhouse and how other guests got terrified and they had to convince the care-taker that it is all fake for the shoot. 


Deal with Zero-budget


All the short-films made by Imperfect Films have been of zero-budget. Karan who is playing the role of Meera’s brother in JIN explained what zero-budget really means. 

“Nobody has sponsored us and no crew members were paid and I am grateful to everybody that they performed their best to make this project a hit.”  – Karan 

“We do require money for our props but we try to keep it minimal. Camera and other equipment were already there with Indresh and Rishabh. ” Dhruv

JIN is India’s first zero-budget web-series released on YouTube. 

When Indresh told me about this project, I thought he has gone mad. It’s a big deal for people of our age because it calls for a lot of time and money investment. But he was quite determined so we all trusted him and look how far we have come now.” – Vaibhav playing Barfi Seth in JIN.

From right to left: Vaibhav Gupta, Dhruv Kumar, Karan Luthra


Acting vs Production


“Unlike acting, many people might find production boring. You need to be dedicated towards your craft because you are not being shown on-screen and you are not getting paid either. Many people left because of this. You have to work on the costume, props, locations, character-building, etc. We once calculated that 50 hours of everything i.e., scriptwriting, reading, rehearsing, production-work, shooting, etc, reduces to a scene of approx 1 minute.” Dhruv, Chief Asst. Director of JIN


The inception of Imperfect Films


Rishabh narrates his story when he used to buy 3 DVDs for Rs.10 in Kota from cyber cafe and how he started researching about film-making from then onwards. 

One day, Indresh called me and there was this line he said that I  liked so much that I made a whole story using that line. I realized that we can also make a film on it and that’s how Imperfect Films started.” – Rishabh Nayan, Director of JIN.

We started with a very basic film which wasn’t very satisfying to me because there were no big challenges as such. Then we started experimenting with other genres like sci-fi, horror, and slowly I learned what style I need to follow for my forthcoming projects.” – Indresh Singh, Director of JIN.

From left to right: Karan, Indresh, Pratyasha, Vaibhav, Rishabh, Dhruv

Imperfect Films have done 5 projects so far, JIN being the 6th and they have also received multiple awards for their short films. 

Most of the scenes of JIN have been shot at night. Its first episode has been released on YouTube last Saturday and is definitely being loved by everyone. You can watch it here : 


The Journey Into Night :

Story By – Rishabh Nayan

Screenplay & Dialogues By – Indresh Singh

Cinematography & Editing By – Indresh Singh

Filming locations – Dwarka, Shubhash Nagar, Delhi Cantt, Vikaspuri, JNU, GGSIPU, DTU, Noida, Gurgaon, Haryana

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