A few days back a video got viral of a girl being beaten up for money in the elevator.

The forwarded message read, “Ladies are requested not to get into metro station lifts alone.”

It kind of pissed me off like isn’t it a bit impractical? After a few days, such people will find another place to harras a woman and then that place will also become a “not to go there” place for women.

I would rather request all women out there to become a “fighter” before they make you a “survivor”.

Hence, through this blog, I will try to help you out as much as I can.

What is Mixed Martial Arts?

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Most of us are aware of Mayweather vs McGregor’s fight but unlike boxing, many people don’t understand MMA properly. It is defined as a full contact combat sport that consists of standing and ground fighting techniques combining all forms of martial arts like karate, kickboxing, Muay Thai, grappling, judo etc.

I know, you might be thinking that I was talking about protecting oneself then why am I suddenly talking about MMA now. Well, MMA is not just for the combats. In fact, since the ancient times it has been used for self-defense as well.

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My training instructor says, “Mostly, people who come to enquire for classes has a mindset that MMA is only for those who want to go further in this sport but it’s not like that. MMA not only helps in self-defense but also has a scope in military, fitness related careers, etc. It not only makes you stronger but also more calm, flexible and sharper with a better mind and body coordination.”

How does MMA help in self-defense?

When it comes to attacks, they are never predictable. And street fights have no rules either so one has to be prepared for all sorts of nasty attacks be it distant like in a standup fight or close like in a clinch or ground fight. And that’s not all! MMA makes you more courageous, patient and confident that can help you deal with verbal abuse as well. Sometimes, raising voice is all you need but during attacks, people tend to lose composure and that’s when the training helps.

And if in any way, my opinion helps, I joined Sanshinkan MMA Fitzone, two years back and even till now I don’t feel it’s enough. I just feel like learning something new every day. How it helped me is an entirely different story but I have learnt a lot and so I want to teach defense to every woman out there; if possible.

10 must-know things about Self-Defense

1.It is not about strength but smart and quick attempts. Think and act before the attacker and make your way out of that situation.

React as quickly as possible.

2. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t just roam around absent-mindedly. If you feel you are being followed immediately move to a safer place.

Don’t give them a chance to attack you.

3. Eve-teasing is mental harassment. No wonder why there is a law against it. You need to raise your voice and gather the crowd around you if it goes out of control.

Raise your voice.

4. If you are traveling alone make sure at least one person is aware of your location. Your mom calling you every other hour might seem irritating but she has a reason to be worried. Also, never stop at any deserted place and if traveling by car lock your doors as soon as you get in.

Don’t give lifts to strangers.

5. We all are aware of safety apps but few have them in their phones. If not now then when? Use them, as well as speed dials and GPS. Keep shutter sound off so if you click a picture the attacker won’t know.*

Make wise use of your phone.

6. If all precautions fail, attack! Attack with your all possible strength and try to damage the most vulnerable body parts like eyes, nose, throat, groin etc.

Where and how to attack on the body

7. Just don’t give up because it’s now or never. Just use anything you have got to attack him. Be it your bag or pin or phone, just hit hard enough to cause damage and as said, persistence is the key! Keep attacking unless he becomes weak enough so you can escape the scene.

Potential weapons for defense

8. Don’t become over-confident. Just because you have learned a few techniques, or you are a trained martial artist, you should only try to cause him certain damage so you can run instead of beating him to death.

Demonstration to push the attacker away by attacking on chin.

9. Well seems like you can use the laws of physics like momentum etc. to attack or loosen his grip. And try your best to keep him away from your body.

Keep him away with your legs so he doesn’t take control on your body.

10. At last, don’t wait for such incidents to happen and get trained from your nearest centers now.

Attack using your knee or elbow for severe injury
Kimura wrist lock to get rid of the knife.**

I know reading this blog is not enough so thanks to Sensei Abhishek Bisht who decided to dedicate an entire week to all the fighter women out there by providing free self-defense training sessions from 4th-8th March 2019 on the occasion of International Women’s Day. We care about your safety and we would want you to take a step forward because together we can beat anything we want. If you are interested and if this blog helped in some way, join us for the training by filling the form below.

*Women helpline number: 1091

**Don’t try such moves without professional supervision.

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