Last night talking to my sister, I re-lived my school days and that’s when I realized how far I have come.

We all are so busy in our lives, that it takes a lot of time to recollect your pleasant past unless you are listening to a story that resembles yours or you have been talking about that particular incident to other people a lot of time.

She has her board exam in March and I knew she was not giving her best in studies even when I tried teaching her myself; so I told her to keep everything aside and took her out to watch a movie and for shopping and playing games etc. If you have read my first blog you will know that acceptance of your own thoughts is the first step so I listened to everything that was going on in her mind. The day was quite tiring for me but we didn’t stop talking. About school, teachers, parents, friends, studies, coaching, we talked about almost everything.

That’s when I realized that for a teenager it is too much to take. Thinking from a girl’s point of view of her age, it felt like this much is good enough for certain kids to go into depression and I must help her and counsel her genuinely because I remember I had no one to listen to when I needed it the most.

Yeah, we all go through bad experiences and tragedies in such a young age and especially horrible things happen when we hit puberty because adolescence is the time when we realize how ugly and dreadful a world can be. When mirrors shatter and truth of the real world starts hitting us.

Now when we talk to our younger sisters and brothers, we often neglect their problems saying ” this is nothing aage chalke toh pata nahi kya kya dekhna padega”(this is nothing before what you have to face in life later on). Honestly, I have said this at least once. I mean when they cry about syllabus I tell them this is nothing I have 10 times more than yours. And other stuff like, “they are not good people to be friends with“, or “you are just a kid you won’t understand” etc.

Guys, they are getting enough of the real world already, try thinking like your teenage self and then tell them what they should actually do.

  • If your brother/sister has problem learning formulas make them learn how you used to instead of teaching the logic just because you have more knowledge now.
  • If they are having troubles with relationships, ask them what they want to do and help them and let them make mistakes to learn from.
  • If you know they don’t have true friends when they think they do, be one!
  • Tell them how lovely they are or how perfectly fit and fine they are and appreciate them because this is the age when teenagers are influenced by shaming the most and encounter low self-esteem.
  • Tell them how they are better than you because everybody is already comparing them with you.
  • Tell them what you wanted to tell your younger self.
  • Talk to your / their parents about the sensitivity of this age.

We all are human beings that need love so don’t let them seek the support from the outside world that you are supposed to provide them.

I have 6 immediate cousins younger to me (basically most of them are younger) and every time I meet them I try to help them in every possible way and inspire them because this was missing in my life when I was of their age.

I hope this would help all the elder brothers/sisters out there to save their little ones from the cruelty of this world.

Tl;dr : your family needs you more than you think they do.

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