Just when I was about to write a blog on a rather usual topic I got the news that made me change my mind. My mom while casually making her evening tea said “Arrey, do you know Binny died this morning?” Now, you might be wondering who Binny is. She was the mother of many dogs of my locality. Yes, she was quite old by age but you wouldn’t say that if you would have seen her. Only when you would touch her, you could feel her body shivering and that how thin her skin had become. No matter where she would roam all day, she would come back to the doormat outside my home every night.

I love all the dogs in my locality. There are almost 7-8 and there are so many people who are annoyed because they bark a lot sometimes (obviously on strangers who could be thieves but who care?). And yes, I give food to all who seem hungry but Binny was special <3. She was the only one who would scratch our gate when she would be hungry like a kid asks for food. And she was very adamant as she would keep scratching until she was fed like she would smell the boiling milk in the evening so she would start scratch the gate non-stop. (See, even dogs file their nails :P).

This winter, she seemed way old. I was scared about whether she will survive this winter or not.

Some stupid people visiting us would open the gate without seeing that she would be sitting there. So, I shifted her place a bit on the side by putting extra mats so she wouldn’t get hurt. She was quite fragile so we made her wear a dog sweater our neighbors once had for their dog. She was so quiet and carefree, that looking at her would give you some satisfaction. Some days, she would be so happy that I used to almost forget how old she had become. I have known her for like 3-4 years but she became so special to me from almost past 2 years when she had given birth to 6 pups and all of them died one-by-one in 2 months. Some got hit by vehicles, some couldn’t survive the weather and the one who was my favorite, the baby bitch, who survived the longest, had eaten something off the garbage on the roadside outside our locality.

From then on, I can recall my memories with Binny. She would make my day by jumping on me. She just didn’t know our front gate but also where our back gate was. Sometimes, I would find her sitting there or playing in the park but she knew nobody will hear her scratching the door there so when she would be hungry she would come to the front side. The reason why I am writing this blog about her is that I can and I want to share my love for her and these are the happy memories I am recollecting right now.

Why should you be bothered? Because I also want people to know that street dogs aren’t bad! You can pet a dog keep him in your house but that doesn’t make the rest of the strays wild. Their life is as important as that of some celebrity dog. Don’t just run your cars over them and give an excuse of them being so tiny. Give them the food you couldn’t eat and were going to waste anyway and they will still love you like a Godfather. I have seen so many dogs in my family while growing up, but never thought I would love these dogs as much as those who lived in my house. In fact, it feels better, they need no chains to learn how to behave. I can vouch for all the dog community that they won’t hurt you if you show love to them. They are defensive animals.

It may sound weird but dogs teach us “human values”, Love, Empathy, Care, values we all should possess but is somewhat dying these days. Humans don’t care about trees, even when there are enough selfish reasons, like, “they die, we die”; so expecting them to spare love for animals seems a big deal!

A few moments with her that I could capture :

A warm welcome after a tiring day at college

Animated GIF

When food would arrive

Animated GIF

Nom Nom…

There are still so many memories that I have of her, but I think this much is enough to share and spread the message :

“Be a human and save strays!!!”

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