Overthinking has benefitted me in many ways. Of course, it has its own demerits but we shouldn’t entirely ignore its positive end. Now, many people feel the urge to stop themselves from overthinking. What can I say I have been one of them. But bitter truth of life is that it keeps coming back. Those “how to stop yourself from overthinking” life hacks don’t come with a lifetime guarantee. Restricting your thoughts is like putting a dam that will eventually inundate your mind which will be beyond damage-control on your own. The battle of thoughts isn’t easy because nothing is discreet. Somedays, you won’t know what you are going up against.

So, instead, I have decided to make peace with it. Let them flow, let them shape your imagination, see where it takes you, ask yourself how did it tempt you to go there? Acknowledge your thoughts because who else will? No one can eavesdrop in your head, so it is only you who can embrace your thoughts. Thoughts shape dreams.

Here are 10 reasons why Overthinking is a boon to Overthinkers:

1) Ends pain once and for all

The more they think about it, the more they grieve and moan about tragedies in their lives until one day it is all gone. That’s it. They don’t bury things in their heart. They accept their emotions and goes along with it and because nothing lasts forever, they make room for new thoughts and switch to it. Killing overthinking with overthinking! Cool isn’t it?

2) They are quite smart

Well, consider it an insurance but overthinkers do analyze everything to not leave a loophole in their methods which is kind of good. You know, precaution’s better than cure!

They are good at solving most of the things in their head. It may take time but it is worth it.

3) Memory is comparatively sharper

According to a survey, overthinking lets you think more than an average capability. Which means it makes your memory sharper than an average person who doesn’t think that much. They can recall a lot of things from their past observations and events. Don’t try to fool them 😛

4) Channelizing their thoughts

Well, most of the times, our brain just wanna be eaten up instead of being left ideal. So, before letting your brain focus on something hurtful you can channelize it to think about more important and happier things. They learn better control over your thoughts because who wanna cry every day anyway? One can simply daydream about something they wanna achieve.

5) We need a break…

Sometimes, overthinking gets out of control and that’s your mind’s way of telling you to stop doing what you are and considering some alternatives or maybe take a break from all of it so you can always start it afresh.

6) They are their own mentor

Yeah, well, introspection ain’t easy. You are the one confronting yourself. It’s a piece of cake for overthinkers. They don’t need a pep talk to calm them down. All they need is some time alone with themselves. Yes, they might be slow at decision-making but thinking it the other way, they don’t make hasty decisions.

7) They don’t rely on real happiness.

This might sound weird but eventually, they find out the difference between the world they live in and the world they expect it to be. It might not solve their problems in the real world but it eases their mind to have hopes in their thoughts because they are the creators of their thoughts. Obviously, you can think sanely when you calm.

8) More compassionate

Generally, they are more compassionate because they are thinking too much about anything and/or anyone and they are more likely to be there for you when you need them. They may not express it but yeah they do care about you even if you are a stranger struggling in a new town.

9) Better writers?!

Now, Curating your thoughts in words isn’t easy. But they who think deeply about everything can put them better in words than those who lack the ability to do so. A good writer is the one who makes the readers see through his eyes; channel their imagination with his and all of this requires hours and days of thinking.

10) Silent Observer

When people are taking them wrong for day-dreaming, they are actually observing everything around them silently. Where do you think the wild imagination and creativity come from?

They need to consider everything to reach a conclusion. If you think you will ask them whether this outfit will be best for the occasion and they will just say yes or no then you are wrong! They need details! Like when is the function-morning or evening? What crowd? Are you comfy in sitting, dancing, etc.? Will your ex be there? AC room or lawn? Easy to carry phone and cash? Etc. etc.

So, next time, when you are pissed off at people telling you that you overthink, change your frequency to make it your power. Everything will seem a lot easier. 🙂

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