It’s funny how I have been trying to write the blog for so long that includes so many new experiences from my Delhi to Mumbai transition but it’s been over 2 months now (85 days to be precise, yes, I keep a count!) and I still keep editing and re-writing this so I can express everything this city has made me feel in few words.

There was definitely a “C2C” (Campus to Corporate) training to make us comfortable with the work environment but this changeover of leaving my home city and settling to another one so far, trust me, you can never be prepared enough for this. 

When I got my joining letter, I knew, for somebody who hasn’t been away from family even for a week, it’s going to be challenging, but I was prepared to welcome everything with open arms. Legally, 18 may be an age of adulthood, but I feel adulting can begin anytime when you TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN LIFE. While leaving my parent’s home, my inner voice said, “This is it! It’s happening. You have been a part of many stories but from here onwards you are going to write your own.”


Mumbai – the city of dreams. Thanks to Bollywood, while growing up we are tricked to believe that everything in our life is GRAND and our life is like a movie(at least that’s how I used to feel). “The city that never sleeps”, “People are always in a rush and this city can never stop!” I had all my typical Mumbai experiences on day 1 itself. Potholes, traffic, humidity, rain, auto rejections, people literally in a hurry but one thing that I didn’t realize was that Hindi won’t be the native language here and boy! The language barrier is a real deal!

Now, inspired by the TVF Kota factory, I decided to do a 21 days challenge for easy adjustment in this new city. I posted stories on my Instagram to keep a count and used to try something new every day be it learning Marathi, traveling in local, eating street food or visiting popular places.


I’m gonna share what I have learned in the past 2 months here. (If you don’t find it relatable you may jump to the next section.)

1. 9 Hours is a reallllyyy long time!

It’s a weekend and yet I am up at 6 am because I don’t wanna fuck up my schedule and definitely don’t wanna get dead stare because I took naps during sessions.

2. So, what are we gonna eat today? 

Now that I am the one deciding what to eat, bottle gourd is definitely off the list and for a vegetarian, I really don’t have many options other than paneer but I kid you not I have tried 20 different dishes made using paneer.

You can waste as much as 4 hours a day deciding what to eat so I suggest you be prepared.

3. Know thy expenses

While growing up I wondered whether I will be “spend-all-and-live-in-the-moment” kind or “save-this-coz-you-worked-your-ass-off” kind. I know now but more than that I have started being more organized in terms of expenditures. I use this app called “MoneyWise” that helps me keep track of my budget and expenses. 

4. Eat.Meet.Greet.Repeat

This place isn’t where I grew up but I made it more home-like by knowing new people, hanging out, trying authentic food, etc. I am not sure if I am ever gonna learn Marathi but I surely know what vada pav, misal pav, samosa pav and anda pav taste like.

5. Take calculated risks

When you shift to a new place, you will have many doubts. If you feel your instincts don’t support you 100% on something, think how far you can go for this and then make a decision. You may feel a lot of peer pressure, but you don’t have to always follow the crowd. Learn to leave when it’s time. 


If you are still stuck around reading my blog, I say you stay a little more because what’s coming next is my favorite part.

Yes, I am not going to lie, I had my bad days here, days I never thought I would see, but that made me see a different person in me. I started getting sick of weekends because home is a place I wanna come back to not a place where I stay all day. And such changes in life can really get you if you have nobody to share your thoughts, experiences with. But then, you should remind yourself what made you come so far and what keeps you going. Why do I keep dwelling on canceled plans when I can just write and write all day. And let’s be honest, if we don’t do what we like, what are we even doing?

I don’t regret any of this because I decided on this. I take mental health quite seriously( I suggest you read my other blogs after this 😛 #promotion) and changes can be intimidating resulting in bad mental health that can significantly affect a person physically. So, this is how I turn it around for myself: I push myself a little more every day like you plank for an extra 5 sec or run for another km or study for another half hour because challenges today make you better tomorrow. The best part about having lows in life is knowing that from here onwards you are only gonna go up.

Kaafi senti ho gya kya? Anyway, chill, I had my fun days too. Marine drive check, beaches, and pubs check, food check and meeting lovely people who would come around eventually, double-check. <3 


P.S.: If you ever come to Mumbai and feel lonely, I suggest you take local for anywhere. Thousands of people who look alike, board the same bus, march-like ants, still have thousands of different stories. When you will see people run, you will realize, it’s not to catch the train, but to catch up on time and you will start valuing your time a little more. 🙂

Enjoy watching my two months in Mumbai 🙂

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