To all those who think they need at least a week long vacation to balance their hectic life: Try a short one which is worthwhile.

Last week I had an amazing camping experience at Rishikesh which unlike the ordinary one taught me how to attain both physical endurance and mental peace. It was a 3 days fitness camp ( Friday to Sunday) organized by Sanshinkan India under the guidance of Sensei Yashpal Singh Kalsi. I train at Sanshinkan MMA Fitzone, through which I got to know about this training camp.

General information and eligibility requirements for the camp

We boarded our bus at 10 pm on Thursday i.e., 14th March 2019. There were 13 people from our dojo including our two instructors. The next day we reached Camp Garhwal Mount around 6.30 am. The view was amazing.

Day 1 : Friday, 15th March 2019

The distance between the workout location and our camps marked in orange.

We had our breakfast and head to the assembly point at 9 am. There were almost 50 people at the camp. After the headcount, we jogged and trekked down the hill towards the river bank where we were supposed to train. We warmed up a bit by doing regular exercises like jumping jacks, forward jacks, push-ups, in-place punches etc.

After the workout, we spent some time playing in the river Ganga.

After this, we had our breakfast and I took a power nap so that I would be charged for the evening training.

In the evening, we were divided into batches according to our karate belts. I was among people who had white, yellow, orange and green belts. The purpose of this session was strength building and improving our different types of stances, punches, kicks, attacks etc. Prabu Sir also taught us our respective Katas so we can be prepared for our Karate belt tests.

After spending 2 hours here, we had our evening snack and spent some time playing and dancing around the bonfire. Later we had our dinner and Akshat bhaiya played guitar for a while.

Day 2: Saturday, 16th March 2019

It was going to be a long day. After having tea around 6 am, we assembled to jog downhill for almost 3 km to Shivpuri beach. I had never imagined it to be so beautiful; White sand, chilled water, bright sun, fresh air and all of us surrounded by huge hills!

The sand was quite porous at certain places so it took a lot of strength while running. We did some warm-up and stretching before the conditioning session. In conditioning,  we were supposed to hit ourselves( inner and outer thigh, triceps, abdominal muscles etc.) as hard as possible. After that, we did blocks and attacks simultaneously with partners.

Sensei Yashpal and Sensei Abhishek demonstrating attacks.

After this training, Sensei Abhishek taught us how to stretch with partners and Shikher sir guided us to do some yoga asanas like Sarvangasana, halasana, bhujangasana etc.

In the end, Sensei Yashpal helped us in meditation. I had never felt so equanimous after meditation ever before. The distant sound of water hitting the rocks, the cold breeze touching my skin and the weight of energy ball in my hand, I have never been so focussed to observe all of this.

We returned to our camp by 10 am. After having breakfast, we spent some time in the pool which was a hell lot of fun, by the way, 😛 * Our way of relaxing muscles is chilling in cold water pool. XD *

Again, I took a power nap as after lunch at 2 pm, we had to leave for another training session. This time we went via our minibus because the location was quite far. We had our shin guards, gloves with us. It was not the nicest experience in the beginning to me because we just had lunch and now we were sprinting, doing spider walk, carrying our partner on the back and running etc. I felt like puking and giving up but then I heard Sensei Abhishek saying, “very good Pratyasha, you are doing very well” and I knew I fell while running, I wasn’t among the fastest runners but that one push from my mentor inspired me enough to keep going that day and doing my best. That day I realized, I was not there to compete with others. I had to beat my former-self first by learning as much as I could.

In this session, along with punches’ and kicks’ training, we were taught how to defend ourselves and use counters after defending to defeat the opponent. We also learned some ground techniques for defense.

Keeping the opponent in guard
Sensei Yashpal teaching technical stand-up.
Learning technique to make the opponent fall.
We also learned Eskrima – martial arts of Philippines.

And the training ended with meditation and pep talk where Sensei Yashpal told us 5 Dojo kun.

We returned to our camps by 7 pm and even after being tremendously tired, we danced for another half an hour. We also lit sky lanterns that looked beautiful in the sky full of clouds and moon being partially hidden behind them.

Day 3: Sunday, 17th March 2019

This time, we wore our Gi in the 6 am session. We had to prepare for our tests as well as get ready for sparring. After doing warm-ups we were instructed to do full-contact combat. I was quite new to this, but people got serious bruises. It was a fun experience though. You observe different fighting techniques of different people and learn to fight back and use all those things that you have learned so far during training.

And then came our belt test! I won’t say I am very pleased with my performance because I did better during training. But with this, our training camp came to an end.

Before leaving, we went for Rafting. As it was my first time, I was very excited and to be honest, the ice-cold water of river Ganga gives an extreme adrenaline rush. My arms were in pain yet we rowed, swam, and also tried cliff-jumping (please don’t jump in haste like me though :'( ).

And now, for those who didn’t bother to read the whole blog 😛 here is a small video of the three unforgettable days in Rishikesh <3 :

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  1. As amazing as it was to attend the camp with you, reading this blog brings back the same sense of joy. Well depicted girl.

  2. I am going to Rishikesh for vacation with my friends. After reading your blog, my excitement level has increased exponentially. Nice one. Keep writing. 🙂

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