This trip is quite special to me because it was my first trip with my squad and no guys Goa trip in college is not a myth. 😛 Just wait for the right time 🙂

You can find the itinerary at the end of this blog.

How to reach?

We boarded our flight of Indigo Airlines to Dabolim Airport, Goa from Delhi Airport Terminal 3 at 11 am and reached there around 3 pm. The round trip cost us Rs. 9145 per person as we booked our tickets just a month before our journey. So, for cheaper travel, it is better to book tickets 3-4 months before your date of travel.

Do make sure you look for flights with intermediate halts since they are cheaper and also book from third-party websites like MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo etc. as they have a lot of cashback offers.

One can also travel via train as it is extremely cheaper but unfortunately there were no reservations available so we had no choice but to travel by airplane.

Travel within city

You must have been warned about the expensive taxis in Goa as Uber/Ola doesn’t work here. So, it is better to rent bikes, cars or mini-buses before you reach Goa. We decided to rent Mahindra Thar from

Cost: Rs. 2000 per day.

Mahindra Thar

Goa in January

When we reached the airport, it was scorching hot but at night it used to get so freaking cold that we had to carry or pullovers along so do pack your stuff accordingly guys. Also, it is pretty crowded in January so book everything required beforehand.

Where to stay?

After a lot of surfing, we finally found a place to stay that could fit our budget. It took us 2 hours to reach our 2BHK Apartment in Roselle Avenue Apartment, Vagator that we had pre-booked via Oyo rooms as apartments in Goa are cheaper and better than hotels. The rooms were just like how they were shown in the pictures

You can book it here:

Cost : Rs. 15000 for 5 nights i.e., Rs. 500/person per day which is quite reasonable(after applying different offers available on the website).

Beaches in Goa

There are so many beaches in North Goa itself so we went to the 3 most popular beaches in North Goa.

Baga Beach

shacks on Baga Beach

On day 1, when we reached Goa, we decided to start from Baga beach because we had heard so much about the nightlife of Baga beach. The sea was looking amazing at night. There were so many shacks on the beach and you could see people dancing everywhere.

Parking charges : Usually, every parking lot charges Rs. 100 for entire night but one of them charged us Rs. 40 as well (we had to walk a lot from there though).

At sunrise point

We didn’t sleep at night even though we were so tired so we went back to Baga beach to watch the sunrise. It was so surreal. <3

In day time though, I felt the sea water on Baga was not as soft as the other beaches (that we visited) and was sourer. ( Um..yeah dude I notice such petty things too). I even played volleyball there with random strangers to embarrass myself even more. 😛

Baga Beach

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

We reached the Calangute beach at 5 pm (coz we used to get up late, duh?) but boy was it not mesmerizing? I loved the high waves and the shades of blue the sea had.  We stayed there till 7 pm and then came back home with pockets full of….sand not posies.  XD Yeah, with a lot of seawater, comes a lot of sand. Also, keynote : It is always better to leave your belongings home so you can enjoy care-freely.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach

It was my favorite.<3 The sea waves were not as high as Calangute beach but were long enough to take our slippers off the shore . *lol* It behaved like a nice pet; playfully yet gently touching our feet. The sand was porous and subtly wet so that made it easy for us to walk.

We found a guy who made temporary tattoos from acrylic paint and after a lot of bargaining charged us Rs. 2700 in total.

A friend of mine getting his tattoo.

I got two of them. I got my hair braided too. The girl was very sweet. In fact, the lady who sold me the bracelets and anklets was just 22 and she told me that she has 2 children (1 and 4 years old). They were talking in Banjaran language as she told me (probably bitching about how we were trying to bargain XD) but I was quite impressed by her English accent. Even though she might only know 10-12 sentences but her confidence was like she knew it all.

We wanted to shop from the flea market but unfortunately, it was for early-risers so we missed it.

In the end, we went for a package of water rides that had a total of 5 rides – jet skiing, banana boat ride, bumpy ride, parasailing, and motorboat ride. The banana ride was my favorite. <3

Cost of rides : Rs. 1400 per head.

beautiful sunset at Anjuna Beach

Where to Eat?

Most of the time we made Maggi and toast etc. at the apartment before leaving. One can find globally known restaurants like dominos etc. quite easily. You can get a variety of things on a beach to eat. We had fruits, some snacks and oh I almost forgot about vada pav. You must try vada pav there; it’s so yummy and pocket-friendly. We also had subs bought from a food truck which was of Rs. 80 only and were quite delicious.

Now, talking about the expensive restaurants :

Brittos, Baga beach

Brittos Restaurant

On our second night, we had our dinner at Brittos. All the tables had candle lights which unlike Delhi’s restaurants is so common in Goa’s beach restaurants. The food was fine but too much in quantity. I am the only vegetarian person among my friends. They ordered seafood and I ordered Manchurian with Hakka noodles that I could not finish on my own.  The seafood, on the other hand, was really good as reviewed by my friends.

Cost:  Our bill was worth Rs. 3940/-

Dinner at Brittos

Thalassa, Vagator

I loved Thalassa not mainly because of food but for its extraordinary ambiance. It is a waterfront Greek-style restaurant with party vibes. The DJ played great series of songs and the night show of dancers and their stunts were stupendous.

I ordered Thalassa special penne pasta that I didn’t really like much and a cosmopolitan.

We also had dinner at the Casino that you will get to know about in the next section.

North Goa’s Nightlife

The most awaited section of course. A tiny disclaimer though: If you are going to Goa to enjoy its nightlife, you cannot expect yourself to visit daytime historical places in Old Goa. We didn’t get enough time to visit South Goa in 5 days either so plan your itinerary accordingly.

I have already talked about Baga beach and Thalassa so here’s the rest of the other places.

Shiva valley, Anjuna beach

Neon paint *not for free lol*

It is famous for its electronic music dance party that happens every Tuesday till 12 noon of next day. We reached there at 2 AM. Another disclaimer: if you don’t enjoy trance music you might get bored there.

It was an amazing experience for me though. Trust me if you are insecure about your dance moves, go there! XD Nobody cares how you are dancing. You can free your soul and dance without any fear of judgment. In fact, everybody was dancing alone and which is why it was so much fun! I danced for 3 hours and I couldn’t feel my legs after that. 😛

I would recommend you to wear something white or neon as it makes you stand out.

Cost:700 for guys and free entry for girls. (Goa is extremely cheap for single girls. *wink*)

Love Passion Karma – water club

While planning our itinerary we got to know that Cabana is shut down for some technical reasons for now (paradise of North Goa) so it is a good thing to always check such things on social media.  Hence, we went to the second best place – LPK! It closes at 4 AM. Though the guy at the valet was somewhat rude (cool kind of rude) but I think it is because of his job.

LPK – Water Club

It was an amazing experience and I totally recommend you to go there. <3

Cost : Rs. 4000 for stags and Rs. 1800 for the couple (yep free entry for single ladies 😛 here too).

Deltin Jaqk

We were confused about going to Curlies or Casino. According to the reviews, Curlies was like another rave party so, we chose the latter.  One must carry an ID when going to a casino (just keep it with yourself all the damn time). You should reach before 12 midnight to enjoy unlimited drinks and before 1 AM for the buffet. The food was not as good as expected though but I enjoyed the night. They were also giving a free photo frame to all the ladies and it’s one pretty picture of me that I have got :’).

Cost : Rs. 2000 per woman and Rs.2500 per man. (Weekends prices are a little costlier.)

Deltin Jaqk Cruise

Chapora Fort

Since we had not visited any of the historical places in Goa, I tried waking up my friends early but everyone was very tired so we reached Chapora fort around 6.30 pm when everybody was returning.

And mind that, nobody was able to click pictures in the dark like we wanted to but we did enjoy the serene view in the moonlight. Chapora fort is on a hill which is at the seashore. Distant lights were just making everything perfect. Even in the dark, we could see shades of blue, red, black and grey. That’s when I thought that visiting in the noon would have given me a nice picture in my favorite dress but I would have missed this astonishing yet calm seascape. So, I would definitely recommend you to go there with your squad after it’s dark.

And now, before ending this post I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Goa Police.  <3

On our last night in Goa, while driving back to our apartment, we encountered some police officers who stopped us and checked the driver’s license and everybody’s wallets for illegal drugs. They even asked me to show my identity and a picture of me with guys (not clicked in Goa) to confirm that I was with them because of a lot of drugs, rape and murder cases of women happening there. And not just that, he was very polite to us and helped us find 24×7 stores. It was so chilly yet they were strictly performing their duty.

They deserve a lot of respect and love for our safety so, be grateful to them and co-operate with them in such situations, it’s for your own good. 🙂

Also, don’t drink and drive if you don’t wanna go to jail. Live your best days in Goa keeping one thing in mind,“ What happens in Goa stays in Goa.” *wink*

Goa Itinerary:

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