Are you doing justice to your decisions? Well, if you think you are a good decision-maker and you have never failed in making decisions, kudos! Then you can just stick to read my story of how I started trusting my decisions.

For others, who sometimes or often feel that they made a wrong choice, I am hoping you will learn something from this blog and I will be happy to help.

Now, how to become a good decision-maker? No rocket science buddy! I am going to tell you a personal narrative.

If you know me personally, you know what a confused person I am. I have always felt that I never make the right decisions so I used to seek suggestions and validations from friends and family. I was confused about my career as well. And guess what? After discussing it with three of my friends and parents I decided to meet a psychologist for career counseling. And guys, trust me, I didn’t regret it afterward.

Now, how is it related to decision-making?

So here is step 1:

1. Accept that you are doing some mistake in making a decision.

I am not saying you need to go to a counselor too. It’s a good thing if you do, but they only lead you through the path, you are the one walking on it. If you can guide yourself through it on your own, no one can beat that confidence in you ever after in your life.

It took me only one session to clear all the confusions in my head. Yep, just an hour and a half long session. It means all you need is barely 180 minutes of introspection and once you get used to it you can make sure you are making a right choice in few minutes without regret.

Coming onto the next step which is very essential, so pay attention to it.

2. Everything that goes inside your head, you gotta write it down somewhere.

Only a content writer will know how important it is to note it down every time they get an awesome idea. You don’t need to have short-term memory loss to use written facts. It just makes things easier to focus on one thought at a time. The mind can be in chaos sometimes buddy.

Now, you are going to write down your thoughts but they are supposed to be organized because that’s only how you are going to handle it differently as you were doing in your brain. So, you need to pay attention to what you are thinking about in order to analyze it.

My counselor, let’s just call her Ms. X offered me a paper on which I ended up answering 3 questions one by one.

The first question was:

[1] Write 10 things that are going through your head right now as soon as possible.

This is when you will find out how your brain works under pressure. Trust me, my answers were really funny. One of them was, “I just want to get it done so I can go out and eat something coz these guys made me wait for so long.” Ms. X is a sweet lady so she gave me sandwiches and a cup of coffee. 😀

Well, the other two questions were :

[2] Write 5 things that you want from your career.

[3] And write any 10 types of professions that you feel you want to work in.

So, from this comes our step three :

3) question yourself in order to structure your answers.

You may ask more specific questions like, what are the 10 best thing about this person? or 5 best and worst things that can happen if I join this organization; or questions like, what do I have and what will I need to start a particular thing?

You will be surprised to see the answers. But make sure your answers are quick so your mind doesn’t manipulate you in being biased.

Now, last but not least step,

4) Analyze your answers.

Just like a Fibonacci series! (well this is how I saw it :P)

In my session, Ms. X marked 4 out of 10 answers to my first question[1] that were related to education or career. It showed how much distracted I was. Knowing that I was there to discuss my career, only 4 out of 10 were related to it.

And then she kept deriving questions from my answers. Trust me, “why” is not just a 3-letter word, it is much more powerful than you can think. Ask yourself multiple why’s and how’s and there you have your justification.

It’s funny as to how easy it was to decide what I wanted. All I did was that I looked for the profession which was satisfying all the answers of question 2[2]i.e., how much money I will be making, what kind of job satisfaction it will give etc.

Yep, theoretically it’s that easy but when the thoughts are pondering in your brain you may forget some major attributes to decide so you must track your thoughts and record it somewhere from where you can retrieve it later.

At last, the most important thing, these won’t assure that you will start making perfect decisions because(here comes the universal excuse) we are humans and we are supposed to make some stupid decisions but it will surely save you from saying “I can never make good decisions” because you did your analysis and you have a record so it’s not the decision but other circumstances that were responsible for the failure. This way you won’t be scared of making choices. (phew…easy escape 😉 think about it! )

Thanks for reading! Do share your feedback 🙂

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  1. Thank you who’s that chick this article of yours helped me clarify my thoughts, even though I had an insight but I needed a reassurance like this that people do think like this too.

  2. okay… i will analyze my decisions..!! but for the time being.. i must say that u made a great decision of writing blogs… bcoz i am getting some nice and meaningful things to read..!!😁😁 u go girl..

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