Hey friends! First of all, a very happy and prosperous New Year. Now, when we talk about the New Year, the topic of resolutions often come up. So, I thought I should talk about it on this blog.

Ever wondered why, why are these New Year’s resolutions so important? Why is it such a hype? Why everyone keeps on talking about resolutions when the New Year is about to begin? If the answer to any of those is a yes, this post is for you!

The curiosity

When I was a kid, my parents introduced me to this thing called “resolutions” and they’d ask me to make some for myself too to inculcate good habits. It seemed fun at the beginning, making a list just like you make one for Santa! But then, after years of failing in fulfilling all the tasks in that list (because most of them were unrealistic obviously), I thought, why is it even important? It’s not like I will have no work to do if I don’t take any resolution. Also, why does it have to be taken when it’s a new year? We can make resolutions whenever we want, right? Then why don’t people talk about birthday resolutions? Or Monday resolution or Friday resolution or I don’t know March resolutions??

Yeah, weird right? Well, the answer to all these questions took me back to the history.

The start of tradition

According to www.history.com, “The ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first people to make New Year’s resolutions, some 4,000 years ago. They were also the first to hold recorded celebrations in honour of the new year—though for them the year began not in January but in mid-March when the crops were planted. If the Babylonians kept to their word, their (pagan) gods would bestow favour on them for the coming year. If not, they would fall out of the gods’ favour—a place no one wanted to be.”

4000 years!!! So, it’s not just our parents, our ancestors have been torturing us for resolutions too. 😛 It seems they had reasons to make resolutions(favours from Gods). Hence, it’s clear that resolutions have been made for many years and they have helped us in self-improvement.

Why New Year?

Since now we know how this all started, the question of why a big day has to be chosen for making resolutions is still there.

  1. At some point in life, we all feel the need of starting life afresh, don’t we? We can’t entirely change everything but we can have more control over our lives. It’s the time of the year when the people are globally making promises to themselves or to others. Just like how you would do after on your first day of college or may be the first time you start living in a new city.
  2. It’s the best time to give yourself an annual reality check when the year is about to end. To learn from your mistakes, to make promises to yourself to not repeat them again and to plan the upcoming days of your life according to you.
  3. To break a wall of bricks you need to strike it more than once similarly, to practice your “plan of living”(check point 2) one day is obviously not going to be enough. Every year has 365 days( unless it’s a leap *duh*) and it’s a long time to finish any job. Even if you don’t know how long will it take for you to learn an instrument, it definitely won’t take more than a year. Also, it saves you from restricting yourself.

How proactiveness helps

My sister’s notebook had this written on the cover page, “ the start is what stops most people”.

It’s true, isn’t it? It is much easier to finish a job than to start it.

For example, we will read the book if only one chapter is left than to start a fresh one; we will make sure the outfit is ready the night before a big event that we have to attend so we can sleep a little more in the morning. In fact, if you are instructed to do 30 push-ups, it sounds exhaustive already (maybe not to you Popeye :P) but if your instructor doesn’t tell you the count and keep on saying “just one more” when you are about to give up, you might end up reaching the limit!

All this leads to one thing, to make a resolution successful one has to become proactive. This is why to take the authority in your hands a plan is important. Also, the more you achieve your goals the more you will want to make resolutions every year.

I hope this post helped you in realizing the importance of New Year’s resolutions. Do share your views and happy new year once again 🙂

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    well … I guess now i have enough reasons to make some resolutions myself..!!😁

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