I was in 5th grade when I wrote my first story that made my mom think that I am quite fond of writing (before that I used to write stupid letters) so she gifted me my first diary on my birthday that year. Since then, I have maintained quite a few. I am not sure what I am going to do with them in future( maybe write a book who knows :P) but I know how it has helped me in so many ways and that’s exactly what I am going to share with you guys today.

1) Key to an organised lifestyle.

What can be more important than a life free from chaos? Every night before sleeping you can plan your upcoming day so when you wake up you won’t have to think about what you have to do today and hence your productivity will increase. This way, you will take charge of your life and you will be more prepared to deal with problems associated with it.

2) Track of time, date, year and basically everything.

Time is money. And nobody wants to waste money. When you start maintaining a journal, you realize how much time you waste in doing unproductive things. No, it doesn’t make you a workaholic, in fact, it helps you analyze your entire day so you can organize it according to your needs. Hence, you will enjoy your leisure time more since you will be doing your job on time.

3) Your reliable friend.

As a kid, I was quite an introvert. I would not say everything out loud that I wanted to, even to my closest friends (not that I had many); instead, I would write them down in my diary and it would feel much better after that.

You won’t always have people around you to listen to what you have to say, but your “dear diary” would always be there for you. 🙂

4) Got your back!

Sometimes we don’t realize but we mention details that can act as proofs against false accusations. You can’t remember all the things but your journal can. Most of the arguments are based on what happened in the past. If you have a record of it, you will know how to solve that problem.

5) Improves your writing habit.

No matter whether you are a tech-savvy or an aesthetic artist, writing is required in every field. If you know how to present your words in the best possible way, communication becomes very easy. It can make you both a Grammar Nazi and a walking thesaurus.

6) Better memory retention and concentration.

As you become habitual to tracking your day, you will realize that you are more focussed and can, in fact, recall things without even referring to your journal. More concentration means more clarity of thoughts which almost solves half of the mental health problems.

7) Your Diary, your choice.

Some people just write their main events of the day to follow a schedule while others feel like appending more details to it. Well, it’s your personal diary and your personal content, you can write a story, a poem, a rant or a roast or whatsoever. There are no absolute rules for it. You don’t have to go old school and write on paper as well. Maintaining a digital journal works the same way. It can bring out the creative side of you that you might not even know about.

8)  Works like a potato.

If you don’t know which career is right for you, the habit of writing can help you in becoming a content writer which is demanded in every field (with or without tag) or you can write blogs on the topic of your interests. *wink*

9) Memory down the lane.

On a fine Sunday morning, when you have nothing to do and you don’t wanna leave the house, you can read your old journal and live your old days. :’) A photograph will only show an instant that would make you happy for a while but an old journal will reveal who you were, how you used to think and how much you have evolved. Trust me, if you ever feel low on self-esteem, this ride to old days will definitely give it a boost.

10) Last but not least…

We all have a story that makes us different from the other person. When you think it’s the right time, you can always get it published. If your life has fulfilled its purpose, it is a successful life indeed. There are a lot of people looking for motivational or self-help books and you can be the one to help them with your experiences. So, why not start a journal from today itself?

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  1. It’s just amazing haven’t thought of that
    Was thinking of it to do and just came across this post of urs
    Will surely start writing from the day when it is meant to be
    Thanku for such amazing content

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