Benefits of Negative Emotions

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From Saddi Dilli to Aamchi Mumbai

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To Do or Not To Do

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The Journey from Dreams to Reality

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Hey! Welcome to my website. Here you can find amazing content related to lifestyle, travel, culture, food, fashion, motivation (and all those stuff that lifestyle bloggers claim of :P) and everything that I find interesting to write about. Sharing the stories that inspire me is my favourite type of content and I hope you will enjoy it too. 🙂

Find out if you are doing justice to your decisions with these simple steps.

Are you doing justice to your decisions? Well, if you think you are a good decision-maker and you have never failed in making decisions, kudos! Then you can just stick to read my story of how I started trusting my decisions.

Teens : Are we dealing with them the right way?

We all are so busy in our lives, that it takes a lot of time to recollect your pleasant past unless you are listening to a story that resembles yours or you have been talking about that particular incident to other people a lot of time.

The Beginner’s Guide to Self-defense

When it comes to attacks, they are never predictable. And street fights have no rules either so one has to be prepared for all sorts of nasty attacks be it distant like in a standup fight or close like in a clinch or ground fight.

The most awaited trip to Goa <3

This trip is quite special to me because it was my first trip with my squad and no guys Goa trip in college is not a myth. 😛 Just wait for the right time 🙂